Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Lie Sang Bong Paris

Deluxe materials and geometric shapes were used by Lie Sang Bong to create tailored, architectural pieces, inspired by the movie Santa Sangre. Dresses were well structured with interesting, flattering details. Images of birds and the use of applique feathers were recurrent motifs in the collection. Lie Sang Bong utilised these to signify freedom in his chic designs. The maxi dresses in red, black and white were also particularly Asiatic in demeanor. They epitomised the designer's fusion of art, culture and fashion. The information above is from Photos from Feetman Seoul.

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Steve J & Yoni P

Steve J and Yoni P's collection was youthful and fresh. Tailored stripey blazers were styled with ikat print leggings. Khaki parkas were worn with animal print harem pants. In fact, animal print featured prominently in the collection. I particularly like the zebra print jumpsuit above. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much information on the designers. Yet, from looking at photographs, the designs appear comfortable, modern and fun.

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Fahrenheit Homme

Designer: Du Young Jung

Brand Concept: urban chic, sophistication, contemporary styling

S/S 11 Collection: Urban renewal mixing classic, sporty and yachting influences and combining elegance and comfort.

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Resurrection

Since graduating from Parsons School of design and interning for Carolina Herrera, Lee Ju Young has gained prominence and success on a global scale, designing for Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas. Her recent coups are discussed in this article

Lee's label, Resurrection, is a "high end designer brand where a feel of funky rock is expressed in quality tailored details based on the designers uniquely refined sensitivity" The concept for this collection was functional and genderless, manifesting itself in jackets that become vests and one pieces that become pants. Lace, leather and cupro were well constructed, giving the designs an edgy yet tailored appearance. Photos from Noona blog.

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Dominic's Way

Designer: Song Hye Myung

Dominic's way: Launched in 2005.

Brand Concept: Working under the slogan "Find your beauty within", Dominic's Way is a progressive brand where men are encouraged to explore their glamorous selves and push their boundaries with fashion.

S/S 11 collection concept: "engrossed with the grotesque", "artificial protection", loose, draping, skinny

Material and colour: cotton, wool, leather, sheepskin, black, grey, white

Information from

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Doii Paris

Doii Lee takes her audience on a captivating, mystical journey through her bright, vivid designs. Using exotic flowers and geometric prints, her designs are dramatic and bold, invoking a world of imagination. She juxtaposes classic feminine shapes with modern, innovative patterns to create clothes that become living entities. Note the classic trench in pastel shades above. For more information on this successful designer, please read my previous entry on her work. More photos can be viewed at Feetmanseoul.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Enzuvan

From exibiting her collections in Paris in 2002 to Seoul in 2010, Hong Eun Ju has built her brand on sensible and practical clothing with oriental elements. Fusing beautiful draping with light materials, this collection continued her preference for layering basic pieces to create interesting silhouettes. So, slouchy t-shirts and cotton hooded cardigans were worn over patterned leggings, harem pants and maxi skirts in black, white and pastel pink and green. Particularly eye-catching were the black and white dogtooth print leggings and spotted harem pants, which were contrasted with lime green and charcoal gray. These combinations appeared simultaneously strong and soft. I enjoyed the contrast of vivid colours in light cotton jersey.

Although the material looked luxurious, the silhouettes reminded me of clothing that could be worn on a yoga retreat. It wasn't experimental high fashion by any means. Yet, it did look very comfortable, ideal for travelling or lazy days and it was generally very applicable to everyday life. The collection was called Chameleon and so appropriately, the pieces are diversable as they can be combined and changed in various ways to create unique silhouettes. On a last note, I apologise for my photos being sightly out of focus. The models were walking rather quickly. For professional photos, Ilmostreet has excellent shots Below are professional photos from previous collections.

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 11: Johnny Hates Jazz

Named Cuban Revolution, this collection balanced a tropical, fun quality with a military urban feel. Ji Hyung Cho used a colour palette of navy, cream, black and white with dashes of neon, which instantly made the collection more appealing. Even the models hair ties were neon orange and green. The show opened with cream and navy panelled maxi dresses that moved gracefully. The draping and pleating were very flattering. Beige and black leather was introduced on short shift dresses and waistcoats. A striped neon maxi dress was a showstopper, encapsulating the tropical aspects of the collection. Prints were briefly presented, with a barbed wire, navy and blue pattern on a short, puffball skirted dress. Striped, gray, skinny trousers were combined with an orange, silk top with puffed sleeves. Overall, the details were perfect and the clothes were engaging. This was one of my favourite shows at Seoul Fashion Week. For more professional photos, I recommend browsing Ilmostreet and Noona blog Below are photos from the current fall collection.